Heath Carra (aka Shpriken) With a history in drafting and sheet metal layout, most of my work with clay has been based on mathematics particularly the platonic solids and an elaboration on those forms. By experimenting with adding slip-cast doll parts, building up with layers and by carving into these boxes I explore the expressions that can be drawn out of these essential volumetric forms. Each piece becomes an expression of the coexistence of control and chaos, of earth and heaven. The four elements are intimately bound in each piece. They’re made of clay, they’re matured with fire, the glaze effects are caused by the manipulation of the oxygenated atmosphere in the reduction phase of the firing, and water is what makes the clay workable as well as being what the fired piece is quenched in to freeze the colours. The fifth element, spirit, is the animating principle which brings them into being, the daily practice of expressing myself through my hands. I live and work in ShprixieLand, over looking majestic Kootenay Lake in British Columbia with my beautiful friend Pixie.