Sayings For Mugs

Below is a list of the sayings that we currently have the means of firing onto the inside lip of a cup or mug. If you would like a custom saying please contact us with your request, all we ask is that you keep it to 50 characters or less. 

A life full of love

A purrfect morning starts with coffee and a cat!

All you need is tea and a good book

Adventure awaits


Believe in yourself

Be amazing

Because of you I know what love is

Blessed and grateful.

Blessed are the freaks for they shall inherit the mirth


Burn bright

Choose Joy

Coffee makes me awesome

Create happiness

Dare to be bold

Darling, you are fabulous

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

Do epic shit

Do more of what makes you awesome

Do more of what you love

Do what you fucking love

Don't quit your daydream

Don't forget to play

Dream big

Dream big, little one

Dream out loud


Enjoy this life

Fill me up with love

Fill me up with yum

Follow your bliss

Fortune favours the brave

Fuck yeah!

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck


Giddy up


I love you a whole damn lot

I like pretty things and the word Fuck

I'm all peace, love, light, and a little go fuck yourself

I'm not always a bitch. Just kidding. Go fuck yourself.

I love you so much

I sure do love ya

Light the world with your joy

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Fucking Sunshine

Live our loud

Live your dream

Living the dream


Love will keep you warm

Magic is all around you

Make great things happen

Master of the fucking universe

May your burdens be light and your coffee strong

My happy is loud

Not my circus, not my monkeys

O frabjous day

Queen of everything

Queen of fucking everything

See the awesome all around you

Sparkle on

Stay badass

Stay beautiful

Stay wild


The awesome never ends

The mountains are calling...

Today is a good day for a good day

Today is a good day to kick ass

Try not to suck


You are amazing

You are beautiful

You are loved

You are so loved

You are magical

You are fabulous

You're doing fucking great!

You're my favourite mofo