Victoria Henriksen (aka. Pixie) "Machine made pots, though practical and functional often fail to feed the human spirit." To me this quote just about says it all. The human to human connection through handmade pottery is vital to my art and craft.   After taking ceramics at the Alberta College of Art and Design I've studied many facets of this media independently. I strive to create forms with graceful proportions that are a joy to hold in the hand, that serve their purpose naturally. Bringing form and function together and instilling it with the spirit of wellness and nourishment so that a bowl or a cup isn't simply a vessel from which we take our food, but a tool that helps us to love and nurture our bodies. Besides making cone 6 electric fired functional ware, I also enjoy exploring other pottery techniques including raku, pit firing and many other experimental and alternative methods. With these latter techniques, although they may not be utilitarian in the traditional sense, they are created with the same intentions of enhancing daily life through their ambience and beauty. enJOY!