Get your copy of my book The Four Chickens of the Asquawkalypse. Signed first editions and e-book versions are available.

        The Four Chickens of the Asquawkalypse is a comedy adventure about Fools Goldie Chicken, a typical backyard hen having an existential crisis.

         Packed with humour, daring escapes, and wildly inventive tech, The Four Chickens of the Asquawkalypse follows Fools Goldie as she struggles with the philosophical and spiritual problems that face chickenkind. With the help of a poultry punk rock band, she and her flock embark on a daring gambit to harness the most magical energy in the universe (190-proof mined and refined unicorn ore) and to use it to fix the pottery kiln of the People who live next door.

         Set in a world of bus-driving shrews, physicist hens, and rockstar roosters, Fools Goldie and her flock of relatable characters set to fantastic tasks as they outwit predators and search for meaning in an absurd reality not all that different than our own.

All book orders within North America that are placed before Nov 27, will be entered into a draw to win one of three prizes - a platter of Silky Rooster and the discotron (used as artwork in the book), a chicken mug, or four chicken ornaments.

For orders of two or more books, a 20% discount will be applied at checkout. Purchase a copy with a piece of pottery and receive a $15 discount on shipping. 

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