A New Approach - Feb 2, 2018

It’s hard to believe we released this collection over four years ago, on Feb 2, 2018.

Our work took a creative leap at this time, and it’s fun to look back at what we’d made.

With this collection, we did a lot of experiments with masking off sections and creating dramatic surface dimensionality with the use of craft foam. As a result, some very unique pieces came out of this time. Though our work didn’t follow in the same style as these mugs, we learned much from these experiments, and I can still feel the influence of the approach we’d explored here.

Handmade mug in white, blue, and brown, with the shape of breasts and a belly.

Handmade mug in red and brown with the shapes of breasts and a belly.

Handmade mug with flowers and lace design in many colours.

Handmade mug with lace textures with a blue zigzag through the middle.

Handmade mug with a patchwork lace pattern in multiple colours.

Handmade mug in red and dark green.

Handmade mug with stylized waves and sunset with lace pattern.

Wheel thrown wide squat mug patterned with handmade stamps.

Wheel thrown mug patterned with handmade stamps.

Handmade mug in blues and greens with lace texture.

Handmade mug with wavy design in red, blue, grey and yellow.

Handmade mug with layered design in blue, red and white.

Handmade mug with lace pattern in red and blue.


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