The Wild Life of Pottery Production

Our’s is a handmade small batch pottery production from Kootenay Lake in British Columbia. Here on the mountainside, with the elk and the bears, the two of us make pottery in our home studio.

Umm, let me be a bit more clear. What I mean is - living ALONGSIDE the elk and bears. The elk and the bears don’t actually make the pottery with us in our home studio, that would be unsafe and probably quite illegal. I’m pretty sure there’s some law that states that you can’t lure wild animals into your home and use them as slave labour in your fancy schmancy pottery enterprise.

As well as having strong moral beliefs about the exploitation of wildlife for personal monetary gain in a pottery manufacturing environment, we staunchly believe that we all have a responsibility to try make the world a better place for everyone. One of the ways we approach this is with our pottery.

For example - let’s say that you’re a bear and it’s springtime and you’re just coming out of hibernation.

My word, are you ever surly!

You’re shuffling around in your housecoat and barking your shins on the furniture in your den. You can’t believe it’s spring already and you are so cranky that all you want to do is go eat some camper.

Now your cubs are starting to squall and you’d seriously give anything if you could just have two short weeks of quiet time to yourself before you have to get up and get to work. 

You fumble around in the half-light and snatch up a coffee mug. What’s this? It’s a message from ShprixieLand - “You’re doing fucking great!”

Wow! This colourful mug with its encouraging message really does lift your spirits.

And just like that you’re even grinning to yourself. Maybe things aren’t so bad. Maybe you’re only grumpy enough to eat half of a camper. 

And there you have it - ShprixieLand - making the world a better place, half of a happy camper at a time. 

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