A ShprixieLand Tour

So what is a ShprixieLand?

This is our home, creative space and giant art project on the east shore of Kootenay Lake, 45 minutes north of Creston BC.

As in need of some love as our driveway is it still has plenty of decoration to distract you from the bumps as you drive up.

Probably the most striking feature when you arrive is the bridge that links the two buildings together. With hand carved posts and the scrolled out balusters it really is a work of art. And lets not forget the flower inlaid in the floor. Peering over the side of the bridge we find the ShprixieLand portal and the front porch. This looks really cool with lasers projected over it.


Now that we're on the bridge which way do we go? How about the big house. This is a chalet style house built in 1973 by a somewhat eccentric German man named Eric Able. Upstairs we have Pixie's sewing studio. When we first moved in we ripped out all of the wall to wall carpeting so until we get around to putting down a floor we like we decided to have some fun and paint the floor.















On the main level we're still remodelling but one of the most striking rooms is one of the bedrooms with its psychedelic paint job.                

     Out of the living room there is this ridiculously big deck looking out over majestic Kootenay Lake. With a view like this who needs TV?  

In the basement we have our mushroom garden. Right now all we've grown are shiitake and oyster mushrooms but we have intentions of growing all sorts of culinary and medicinal mushroom delights now that we have the sterile space developed.


Up through the house and back across the bridge we come into the big ShprixieLand engine that runs the whole show. This is our pottery studio. This room use to be Eric's old woodworking shop. Five years ago when Pixie was in Calgary helping care for her mom in hospice I stayed home and put my love for Pixie into building her a studio. Sometimes the studio even becomes a night club!

 Off of the studio is the kiln room with our workhorse kiln and the little baby kiln we use for tests. We have a third medium sized kiln that we still have to include with the family but that is another project for another day. Attached to the studio is the guest suite where we like to live in the winters because it's small and easy to heat. Of course there is much renovation going on here too due to our kitchen mould discovery. We're really excited to be able to get this fixed up and ready for our return this fall. We'll post a picture when it's a little nicer to look at.

Under the pottery studio is what once was a double car garage. It's now my workshop. I know, what a mess right?

In the back yard is our garden complete with a derelict in-ground swimming pool. The pool is in the process of turning into a greenhouse. Our dream right now is to set up an aquaponics system and possibly grow greens and cool weather crops through the winter.

And then of course there are the chickens. Yes we've been spoiled with our home grown chickens. It's now really difficult to eat any supermarket eggs but as long as we take eggs with us everywhere we go this isn't really a problem.

Now that we're onto the topic of the actual ShprixieLanders who call all this their home lets meet Birda the African Grey. For the first 13 years of her life we thought she was a boy and then one day she shocked us all by laying eggs. Did we eat them you ask? No. I'm afraid we chickened out at the last moment. Kuboosz and Bandi are the sentries of ShprixieLand.

 Their little friend Meowsheous is our mouse patrol and let me say that he earns his keep quite well.

 At last we come to Shpriken and Pixie. Little kids powered by love and big dreams who have somehow managed to make all of this work.