The Music Has Stopped But The Dancing Continues. June 21, 2011 14:14 2 Comments

We sit here on the back deck having our morning coffee with red and yellow streamers waving in the breeze and colourful string lanterns twisting gently overhead. Birda our African Grey sings in the house and the sun comes warming through the trees. The pottery studio is an empty dance floor with a lonely DJ table and quiet speakers. There are a few empty beer bottles, some jackets and hats forgotten by guests and a floor that desperately needs to be mopped. Yes the party is over and we've finally had enough sleep that we feel ready to turn it all back into a place of work once again. The night was rich with friends and new faces, with lights and costumes, with deep connections and wonderful conversation, and with beautiful gifts and such generosity. The donations for the silent auction were fabulous. There was art work by local artists; jewellery; gift certificates for restaurants, acupuncture, massages and sporting goods; festival tickets and much much more. After all of the bills were paid we raised over $4000 to send kids to the Tipi Camp. It was really special for  us to be able to share our creative space with such beautiful people. We get so reclusive for most of the year, focusing intensely on our projects, that it's really satisfying to be able to bring other people in and to inspire them to express their own individual voices. All night people were telling me how much they appreciated the work that has gone into our home and that we had opened it up to them in this way. But what was really touching was how so many of them told me of their own creative aspirations, the things they liked to make and the lives they liked to live. I felt like it recharged me. It made me anxious to get the studio back together so I could once again indulge in the other dance that I live my life for. Many times during the course of the evening one conversation kept coming up with different people. It had to do with the idea that we each have a unique creative voice and that we owe it to the rest of the world to express it as honestly as we can to the best of our ability. That it is this tapestry of different voices that makes the world such a rich place. If we can overcome the fear that some people will reject the work that we put our heart and soul into then we are able to contribute to a world wide dance of imagination that will propel us all further. For my part this is all that I feel that I am doing here. The art I make, the house I live in, it's all just me being me. It's lonely sometimes though. But then we have an experience like this one, and perhaps it's because we're sharing who we are that others get excited to share with us and suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of so many people wanting to show you their true selves and that is a priceless gift.