On With the Show! April 30, 2011 22:53

[caption id="attachment_701" align="alignleft" width="784" caption="ShprixieLand studios condensed into an 8ft table. "][/caption] After the long winter months of hiding away in our cocoon of creation spring is here (well, here-ish) and it's time to share our treasures. It's funny that months of throwing pots, forming plates, stamping, glazing and firing culminates in us spending three days sending our babies off into new homes. There certainly is a deep sense of satisfaction in being a part of every step of the process though. There is something to be said for making dishes with your own hands that are going out into the world to serve food to hundreds of strangers. There is a personal connection that I feel that we make with people through the things that we make. This is something that a three dollar IKEA bowl simply can't compete with. It's a human to human interaction. Besides the obvious uniqueness inherent in handmade pottery, what a handmade dish has is a soul. One person has made this with their hands, put their love and their attention into it so that another can use it to eat from. This is one of the great satisfactions from actually selling your own pottery, you get the opportunity to meet some of these people face to face. Another delight of this particular market is that it is held in the Chinese Cultural Centre in downtown Calgary. Living out in the sticks as we do we don't get many opportunities to eat out so for the past two days we've been indulging in bubble tea, sushi, sashimi and in the morning before the show we're going for dim sum. Food may seem to be the secondary goal of this expedition but it is closely tied to spending time seeing friends and family. We feel so gifted to have such beautiful people in our lives who have opened up their homes to us, sheltering us from this unseasonably cool spring. Not to mention the family and friends who not only came out and showed us their support but who've been helping to support us every step of the way. To all of you and to all of the new faces that we've met we give you our sincerest thanks.