the magic of fire! March 30, 2011 00:21

Recently we were very blessed to be able to take part in a throwing workshop with our friend Gunda Stewart, who is a both an incredible teacher as well as one of my favourite potters. On top of all of the new skills that we picked up from her, we  also had the opportunity  to fire some of our pots in her wood-fired kiln. This was super exciting for us because we only do electric and raku firings at our studio. We decided that we would finally make  some bowls and wine cups for ourselves.  While we keep the occasional 'spectacular' pot, as well as all kinds of 'test' pots (some of which weren't exactly successful tests), we don't often go out of our way to make something just for us. It was fun thinking about what shape and size bowl would fit us perfectly. So here follow some pictures of how the finished pieces turned out...and NO, these are not for sale..they are mine..ALL MINE...mwuahahahahaaaa!