Stamps! January 07, 2011 20:55

The excitement in ShprixieLand these days is stamps! Stamps and many of them. In fact part of our Christmas festivities this holiday season was an all night stamp making party with friends. Pixie and I cuddled up on the sofa with a movie, balls of clay and a handful of tools and made stamps as we watched. And then we were so excited about our new stamps that we fired a small kiln load of them so that we could find some direction for the second generation of stamps. Stamps were virtually the only work we did in the studio between Christmas and New Years and once the New Year rang in we let ourselves sleep and read and luxuriate for a bit with all of the fantasies of what we could do with these stamps. Today was the first day we actually got back into the studio to do anything. We started listening to the audio book of Terry Pratchett's "Monstrous Regiment" as we attacked clay with our new handmade tools. Stamp! Stamp! Stamping around the studio on our first day back to work. Happy New Year!