Forecast Flurries of Flocking. November 24, 2010 11:55

And now the winter has set in on ShprixieLand and with the daily flurries I feel like we're being flocked. I'm not complaining though. We love the winter especially when we're ready for it and this year we feel especially confident. With my pick-up truck and my chain-saw I spent a week in September collecting firewood from our property and this year the woodshed is stocked better than ever. With 80lbs of Creston organic grains in the pantry, with the freezers full of elk, lamb and beef and the chickens still giving us over a dozen eggs a week we're almost excited to get snowed in. Let the snows drift up around the house. Let the sun sink lower in the sky until it  shows itself only briefly before leaving us in long hours of wintery darkness. The wind can blow the snow can fall and we won't mind at all. It will just mean that there are fewer distractions, that's all. Fewer things to keep us from spending our days and nights in the studio with a pot of soup on the woodstove, a warm cup of tea and another audio book telling us a story as we get to making the new things we've been thinking up all year. Winter is exciting for us because in many ways it means creative freedom. Darkness falls, the forest goes to sleep and in that icy nocturne new dreams take shape manifesting between our hands. [caption id="attachment_278" align="aligncenter" width="737" caption="Raku fired dodecahedron with nodules in five colours of flocking. "][/caption]