New work at Gallery 378. November 13, 2010 12:36

Seven new treasure box fusions of doll parts and polyhedra have ambled, crawled and flown from the clouds of smoke and the multi-coloured plumes of nylon flocking fibres that billow up from ShprixieLand. Once again visiting the combination of slip casting and hand building that I've been exploring for the last year I've now begun adding stamped textures to the surfaces with a result that I'm feeling excited and inspired by. It's often been a challenge to retain texture on my slabs what with stamping them and then having to mitre, slip and score my edges before assembling my boxes. The Piepenburg workshop we attended at the Wynndel Mudders in June filled me with a renewed confidence in joining slabs in a much dryer state than I've be use to. This has made a considerable difference in the amount of detail I'm able to retain in my stamped surfaces. Once again I find myself being thankful for the experience I gain from making the mountains of Christmas ornaments that we do every year. Each little stamped star, being a commitment of only a few minutes and a couple ounces of clay, lets me explore surface decoration in new and often surprising ways. This is then easily carried over to my larger, more time consuming sculptures. On Friday we made a trip to Nelson to spend some of our hard earned craft fair money on the Subaru and at the same time stopped in at Gallery 378 to add these new boxes to my stock there. They're now able to offer a very comprehensive collection of my work. Everything from my early more abstract pieces to the purely symmetrical work of the last year and now these new evolutions that have come out of the last few weeks. Gallery 378 is located in the downstairs section of the Craft Connection on Baker St. in Nelson.