Tiny Treasures September 20, 2010 21:45

a collection of raku-fired trinkets

These are the tiny crystallizations that appear when my fingers meet the scrap pieces of clay that are left over from larger projects. It's an exercise in trying to refine symmetry with my fingertips pressing at an irregular ball of clay. They also serve as a great glazing warm up when I haven't touched glaze in months and I'm feeling intimidated by the randomness of the raku process.

The best art that I feel I make are the things I do when I give myself full freedom to fail, when I cease thinking of the piece before me as ever maturing into anything more than shards in the smash pile. The piece of bisque fired clay before me becomes a test vehicle for all of my what-if's.

This is the main reason why I wander down these curious paths. It's the excitement in discovery that I savour.

Because none of these little pieces really takes me very long to make they're a safe way to practice giving in to the exploration without being nagged by the fear that it might fail and that many hours of work will be lost. Practice seems to mute that nagging voice and to prime me for larger pieces that have had considerably more invested into them.

These are my polyhedral scouts that challenge the darkness before me. They're the first glimmers of light illuminating the strange features of the unknown in the path I've chosen to take.