Celebrating Spring. April 22, 2014 10:34 1 Comment

I think we can all agree that that was one of the winteriest winters in recent memory. Now that the sun has finally agreed to return we're getting ready to come out of our  isolation to share our creations at the Butterdome Spring Craft Show which runs from May 2nd to 4th in Edmonton. butterdome banner We had an awesome winter. We burned through all of our firewood, holed up as we were in our studio, as we indulged in making all of the pottery we'd been fantasizing about since the summer. Making work we really love makes every day in the studio exciting. Our collaborations with each other inspire both of us to constantly take things a little bit further. Rarely are there enough hours in a day and sometimes even winter seems too short for our liking. But with the studio shelves full of pottery and the garden starting to beckon us it's definitely time we come out of seclusion and share what we've been making. One of the first things Pixie wanted to do this winter was to pull out the box of lace doilies we've been collecting and to start using them to add texture. These plates and platter are porcelain with underglaze and clear glaze and complement our porcelain serving bowls and our Celebration tumblers.


Pixie also began experimenting with new shapes for mugs.

circus mugs

We picked up some new stamps and made more decals and have been having fun decorating bowls with them. flowery bubble bowl We also have a pile of new porcelain serving bowls featuring new colours, new textures and new decals. shpriki bowls Last christmas we launched our new line of Celebration tumblers and we were amazed at how much people loved them. The demand for them was beyond what we'd expected and we had a hard time keeping the shelves full. But we're pleased to say that we have a new batch made and they're ready help kickstart your own spring time celebrations. We have to admit that we were a bit concerned about how people would react to the bold exclamations written on the insides. There are certain times in life when the overwhelming awesomeness of it all really can't be expressed clearly without a mighty, "Fuck Yeah!" We created these cups not to be offensive or vulgar but to champion those great moments of celebrating our joy and we're ecstatic to have found that so many of you feel the same way. FY's