Black and White ShprixieLand November 19, 2012 08:34 1 Comment

The magic around this place never seems to end even when we're not home. While doing our show in Vancouver our spectacular house sitter Richard found our 1962 Russian made Zorki-4 35mm camera, dusted it off, found some film and captured our colourful land in glorious black and white. These shots were just too nice not to share.

And did I mention how spectacular Richard is? Not only is he the best house sitter and friend of dogs, chickens, cat and parrot, but he's also an incredible maker of animated films. In fact he's the one who first introduced me to cameraless animation. That's where you draw directly onto the film itself. Richard naturally takes it to the next level by drawing onto the soundtrack portion of the film and thus creating hand drawn sounds to go along with his hand drawn films. Here's a sample of his work.