And then it was Fall. September 19, 2012 15:45 1 Comment

Yes folks, for us, as for many of you, this summer went by in the blink of an eye. It doesn't seem to matter how long the days are there just isn't enough of them to get everything done. As we've mentioned before we were doing two markets a week and had a huge order to fill for the local music festival. This was easily the busiest pottery season we've ever had and it's been fabulous. We've learned invaluable things about ourselves over the last few months, not least of all being just how much work we can actually make. The response this summer has really been beyond our greatest expectations. As well as living up to our commitments this summer we even managed to develop a new line in the last two weeks that we're really excited to properly launch for this fall. Introducing our new stamped and coloured decal ware! These new pots are made from a delicious chocolate brown clay and stamped with our own handmade stamps. The introduction of the three dimensional elements as well as the colour has blended beautifully with our new decal designs and we're excited to bring them out for you at our Christmas sales this year. Next week we do our final Wednesday market in Nelson (September 26th) and then we have to put all of our attention into building stock up for our two big Make It shows. We'll be in Vancouver from November 8th to 11th at the Croatian Cultural Centre and in Edmonton from November 22nd to the 25th at The Enjoy Centre which is actually in St. Albert. All of this naturally coincides with us trying to get all of our firewood cut for the winter and our garden bounty brought in. With all of this laid out before us it's probably a good time for me to leave you with some more pictures of our awesome pottery and get the chimneys swept so that we can get back to the real fun. Which is of course makin' stuff.