Glorious Days! April 28, 2012 16:40

That big nuclear furnace in the sky burns out the winter clouds filling us with all this extra energy and how do we use it up? Well let me tell ya. We started the spring craft fair season with the Make It show in Vancouver. The blooming magnolias and blossoming fruit trees seemed to make the heart race with excitement as these little country bumpkins indulged in the big city craziness. Once we got home the season seemed to have raced ahead of us and now we're doing a million things at once. With Dog Patch Pottery in Crawford Bay opening on May 5th and the Lilac Festival in Calgary on May 27th we have to get our pottery stock built back up. Our jumbo mugs were a big hit in Vancouver as well as our ever popular wee little dishes. There's also an array of new decal designs we want to create and maybe even some Owl and Pussy Cat sushi boats so we can give a nod to one of our favourite Edward Lear poems. Seeing as the garden is virtually irresistible these days we have to get out and plant our new blueberry bushes and to make a hoop house for our tomato and pepper plants that will be really epic when it's time to put them in the ground. Indoor gardening is also on the agenda this year. Recently we've become really excited by mushroom growing. We have bags of shiitake and oyster mushroom mycelium that we're about to shock into giving us our second flush of mushrooms. Can't wait! And as you might have read in a previous post, we still have our kitchen reno to get back to. Our new countertop has arrived so now we have to design and build our cabinets. Of course we can't just have any old cabinets. These have to live up to the standard of our ridiculously ornate ShprixieLand style. Since the winter we've been living in the other building we have here and so we've been having to cross the bridge every time we want to go to the studio. Did I just say bridge? You heard right. There is a bridge that connects the two buildings here. I know, what a terrible commute to have to make to work every day right? So why am I wasting time writing this blog post you ask? You're right. I best get back to work.