Shprixie News and New Pots March 29, 2012 22:05

It has been ages since we  last posted!! We've had quite the busy winter this year. Much of our time has been spent working on house renovations. Early in the New Year we discovered that the kitchen sink had been leaking, most likely for a few years, and that the water had been seeping under the kitchen cabinets and flooring. We had to gut the entire kitchen and replace a bunch of the flooring to get rid of the black mould that had infested the place.

This seemed like an awful thing at the time, but as Heath was working on it we had the idea that if we moved the kitchen across the room, we would be able to double the size of it (5ft. of counter space is awfully small for someone who loves to cook). This also would give us the added bonus of being able to look out of the window at the mountains and the lake whilst washing the dishes, instead of staring at the ugly wall behind the sink. It would also mean that the sofa would be moved so that when you sat on it you would also be looking out the windows at the mountains, rather than the old view of the ugly kitchen.  A win win situation really! The only real drawback was that we lost some of the precious winter. We happen to love the snowy blowy season around here because it is the time that we get to play and experiment the most with clay. There is nothing better than being in the studio with the little wood stove chugging away, drinking hot tea, and listening to some captivating audio book, while outside there is a blizzard blowing about.  But there will be another winter next year! Now that spring is upon us we have had to put the renovations on the back burner for now, and concentrate on making work for all of our  upcoming shows. The first big one that we have is one of our favourites. We'll be heading to Vancouver in April for the Make It Show. If you've never been to one of these and you are in the Vancouver area we seriously suggest checking it out. There are over 100 artisans, designers, and crafters selling so many unique and fun items. There is live music and a fully licensed bar! It feels more like a party than a craft fair!! If you take a picture of this with your phone you can show it at the door to get 2 for 1 admission!

We've  been working hard these last few weeks making all kinds of pots with new images on them. Here's a little sampling of what we'll be bringing with us.